Mold Growth Can Affect Your Health

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Every homeowner is concerned about finding mold in their house. To give yourself peace of mind, hire On the Spot Home Inspection in the Castle Rock, Kelso & Longview, WA area. All our home inspection services come with mold testing to ensure a safe space for you and your family. We'll take physical samples of suspected mold and send them off to the lab for professional testing. Lab results take approximately 3-4 days to process.

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Do you have a mold problem?

Do you have a mold problem?

Standing water and high humidity can lead to mold growth. There are a few telltale signs of mold; if you notice them, you need to take remediation steps right away. We can direct you to an experienced team that can assist you with that.

You should consider mold testing if you have...

  • Musty smells coming from your carpets or walls
  • Visible mold spores on surfaces in your home
  • Allergy or flu-like symptoms that won't go away

The longer mold grows in your home, the more harmful the effects will be. Reach out to our team today to schedule your mold inspection.